Marcie R. Rendon was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters by Adler University during its December 6, 2020 Virtual Commencement Ceremony. Adler University continues the well known work of community psychologist Alfred Adler by graduating socially responsible practitioners, engaging communities and advancing social justice. Recognized by the university for her years of work as a distinguished social justice champion, author, and arts activist, Rendon also gave the keynote address for this year's graduating class of master and doctoral candidates. Addler University 2020 Virtual Commencement Ceremony and Rendon to Address 2020 Graduates in Virtual Ceremony

McKnight Names Writer Marcie Rendon 2020 Distinguished Artist

The Distinguished Artist Award was created to honor a Minnesota artist who has made significant contributions to the state’s cultural life.

"The Distinguished Artist Award recognizes artists who have chosen to make their lives and careers in Minnesota, thereby making our state a more culturally rich place. Although they had the talent and the opportunity to pursue their work elsewhere, these artists chose to stay—and by staying, they have made a difference. They have founded and strengthened arts organizations, inspired younger artists, and attracted audiences and patrons. Best of all, they have made wonderful, thought-provoking art. The goal of McKnight’s arts funding is to support working artists who create and contribute to vibrant communities. The Foundation’s Arts program is founded on the belief that Minnesota thrives when its artists thrive. The Distinguished Artist Award goes to one Minnesota artist each year... Rendon is the first Native American woman to receive the Distinguished Artist Award, first given in 1996." - McKnight Foundation

“Marcie brings a strong and necessary voice to so many genres,” said Pamela Wheelock, McKnight’s interim president. “She has created a tremendous body of work, including poetry, plays, lyrics, and award-winning crime novels, all while raising up other Native voices in our community. Her commitment to making art in community embodies what a distinguished artist means to Minnesota and to McKnight.”

Photos by Jaida Grey Eagle

The Playwrights’ Center and Network of Ensemble Theaters Collaboration Grant to Rendon, Out of Hand Theater (Atlanta, GA)

“The Collaboration Grant was formed to support playwrights and ensembles who desired to work together and could learn from one another while building a specific project together,” commented Jeremy B. Cohen, producing artistic director of the Playwrights’ Center ... Out of Hand has been doing just extraordinary work in the past few years in particular, and this new partnership with longtime PWC writer, Marcie Rendon, is sure to be powerful as it centers the stories of murdered and missing Indigenous women. With a joint focus on new theater for the communities both of these companies serve, I’m beyond excited to see the outcome of their labor.” Read more about these amazing artists and companies at



Rendon's new play "Sweet Revenge" selected for a staged reading at the Oklahoma Indigenous Theater Company's 2020 New Native American Play Festival!

Poet Laureate Joy Harjo Collaboration

"When the Light of the World was Subdued, Our Songs Came Through" a brand new anthology of Native poetry edited by Poet Laureate Joy Harjo, includes the poem: 'what's an indian woman to do...' by Rendon. This anthology features the work of more than 160 poets, celebrating the rich and varied poetry of the Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island (North America). Opening with a blessing from Pulitzer Prize–winner N. Scott Momaday, each section begins with a poem from traditional oral literatures and closes with emerging poets. From Eleazar, a seventeenth-century Native student at Harvard, to Jake Skeets, a young Diné poet born in 1991, this volume also includes renowned writers such as Luci Tapahanso, Natalie Diaz, Layli Long Soldier, and Ray Young Bear.


"Girl Gone Missing" was nominated for the G.P. Putnam Sons' Sue Grafton Memorial Award, honoring the best novel in a series featuring a female protagonist in a series.

Marcie Rendon Contributes To New Video Project

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