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Best New True Crime

The Best New True Crime Stories: Serial Killers is the #1 Amazon New Release for November 2019! Serial Killer ―Your Neighbor, Friend, Even Your Spouse? This anthology reveals all-new accounts of true crime serial killers from the contemporary to the historic. Contributors include award-winning crime writers, true-crime podcasters, journalists, and experts in the dark crimes field.  Mitzi Szereto, Editor. | Mango 2019

Under Purple Skies

This collection has some of the most exciting work being done in, or about, Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area, with narrative threads that stretch back not just to Scandinavia, but across the world. The writers here have won, or been shortlisted for, the Newbery Award, the Man Booker Prize, the Pulitzer, the Caldecott Award, the National Book Award, the Minnesota Book Award, and many others. | Belt Publishing 2019

Dark Side of the Loon

Read Rendon's story Civil Defense in this captivating collection of stories based on true crime accounts from Minnesota. 

According to Amazon,"Minnesota nice" casts a long shadow. Dark emotions and even darker thoughts seep from these murky depths, harvested by writers whose stories take us down in flames, up in smoke, and leave us helplessly entranced by the haunting call of the loon. | Sisters in Crime, Twin Cities Chapter 2018 

What God Is Honored Here?

This urgently necessary literary collection shares the voices of Indigenous women and women of color who have undergone miscarriage and infant loss, experiences that disproportionately affect women marginalized in the United States. It offers an integral perspective on how culture and religion, spirit and body, unite in the reproductive lives of women of color and Indigenous women as they claim for themselves and others their fundamental humanity. | Shannon Gibney & Kao Kalia Yang, Editors. University of Minnesota Press 2019  

Sky Blue Water

A collection of short stories that celebrates Minnesota’s vibrant storytelling tradition, beautifully capturing the essence of Minnesota adolescence. Sky Blue Water  includes Rendon's short story; Wonder and Worry, about a young Ojibwe girl's experiences in the foster care system. This anthology embodies passion for fostering literacy in young readers by sharing primarily never-published young adult and intermediate fiction from some of Minnesota’s most beloved and award-winning authors and emerging talents. | Jay D. Peterson & Collette Morgan, Editors. University of Minnesota Press, 2016  

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