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Anishinaabe Songs for a New Millenium Poetry Book Launch Event

July 16, 2024 | 7pm | Birchbark Bizhiw, Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Birchbark Books is thrilled to host the publication event for Marcie Rendon's new poetry collection, Anishinaabe Songs for a New Millennium. Marcie will be joined in conversation by Lyz Jaakola with an opening song by Mark Erickson, an Anishinaabe traditional singer.

In Anishinaabe Songs for a New Millennium, Marcie R. Rendon summons her ancestors’ songs, and her poem-songs evoke the world still unfolding around us, reflecting our place in time for future generations. Bringing memory to life, the senses to attention, she breaks the boundaries that time would impose, carrying the Anishinaabe way of life forward in the world.

"This collection undoubtedly sings through and for generations to come! These powerful poems ask us to trust the wind to catch and carry our songs and prayers. Through each page, Marcie R. Rendon guides us to radically dream a future of strength and reminds us that 'Win or lose, there's dancing to be done.' "- Tanaya Winder, author of Words Like Love

National Poetry Month 2024

Check out this April 12, 2024 Native America Calling podcast episode, recorded live. It features Marcie Rendon  (segment begins at 21:52), along with poets Kimberly Blaeser, Tiffany Midge, and Kinsale Drake. 


Anishinaabe Songs for a New Millenium

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Written by Marcie Rendon

BOLD New Works Staged Script Reading, Directed by Sequoia Hauck

Jungle Theater,  March 20, 2024

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